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Do you to want to be able to practice yoga by yourself without the help of a video? Do you need to save money on studio classes? Are you unsure of how to start flowing at home?

When I first started practising yoga I started with videos on YouTube. I would roll out my mat in my living room, still in my PJs and follow a 20 minute video every morning. It was LIFE CHANGING. There were a few things that annoyed me though...choosing which video to practice with took time, especially if I was feeling indecisive, I didn't always practice the postures I wanted or needed to, and sometimes I couldn't keep up, or wanted to practice something for longer than the video allowed...it was a bit messy, sometimes unsatisfying and definitely not as quick as 'a 20 minute video'. Have you experienced this too?

When I became a teacher my mission was (and still is) to get as many people practising yoga as possible; particularly those who can't afford to go to a studio 3-4 times a week. This is where home-practice comes in. Now, videos are all well and good, and they certainly DO have a place...but how amazing would it be if you could just jump on your mat in your PJs and start practising? No searching for a video, no expensive private class, no travelling to the studio....pretty amazing right?

This is where being able to flow on your own becomes vital and hugely valuable! You can up-level your practice in an efficient way without breaking the bank! Get more yoga-time in, practising in a way which is completely aligned with how YOU want to practice....working on what you want to work on, depending on your whim or mood that day. Doesn't that sound great?

This 2-part masterclass will help you to master the sun salutations as a basis for flowing at home by yourself. I'll teach you how to use the sun salutations to their full potential (not just as something you mindlessly flow through to warm up!) and how to use them as a basis for creating your own flows from the comfort of your own home!

Your Teacher

Chloe Leighton Bulleid
Chloe Leighton Bulleid

Chloe Leighton Bulleid is a certified Yoga Instructor (200 hours) with a passion for offering practical yoga and mindfulness hacks to 'non-yogis'.

Working long hours, burning the candle at both ends and trying to balance responsibilities with ‘me-time’ can often leave us drained of energy and lacking in motivation; the last thing you need is to add yoga or meditation as yet another ‘chore’ on your to-do list!

Chloe helps time-poor professionals give back to themselves and find balance with effective at-home wellness hacks which DON’T take up hours in your day and can be implemented easily without making major changes to your daily routine.

Iif you’re looking to feel less frazzled, give back to yourself and gain control over your over-thinking, anxiety and negative thought patterns using quick, easy-to-implement exercises then join her free Facebook Community and sign up to Your Home Studio now

What's Included?

  Part 1: Mastering Surya Namaskar A & Hatha Sun Salutations
Available in days
days after you register
  Part 2: Mastering Surya Namaskar B & start flowing at home
Available in days
days after you register

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the masterclass start and finish?
It starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course divided into two videos - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the masterclass?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this masterclass for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
I'm new to yoga? Can I join?
Yes! I'll be breaking down the sun salutations in real detail to help you feel empowered to practice them at home. Plus! If you're a more experienced yogi you'll learn how to use them as the basis for flowing at home!
I already know the Sun Salutations - why should I join this class?
If you are familiar with the sun salutations then this will be a great refresher and a chance to dive deeper into your alignment and build your knowledge. You will have the chance to slow down, self-correct and improve your skills and then you will learn how to use those foundations as the basis for flowing at home!

This free two-part masterclass is designed to help you feel confident, inspired and empowered to start your at-home practice without the need for an online video or private teacher! What are you waiting for? Join today and up-level your yoga practice tomorrow.

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